Take -Out Menu

Wednesday to Saturday

5 pm-8 pm

Please call to place your order

(519) 260-7000

Delivery Available

Date Night Specials


#1   1 Appetizer, 2 Entrées, 1 Dessert & 1 Bottle of Wine $80.00

#2  Charcuterie Box & Bottle of Wine $70.00


Soup of the day

house made soup served with garlic toast  $8.00


Smoked Caesar Salad

romaine lettuce/bacon/croutons/parmesan cheese/

house made smoked Caesar dressing  $12.00 (add chicken $5)

The Oak House Salad

spring greens/Kalamata olives/pickled onions/ cucumber/ sun-dried       

tomato/crispy chickpeas/feta cheese/citrus and honey vinaigrette  

$12.00 (add chicken $5)


tomato/red onion/garlic/basil/feta on toasted baguette  


Mushroom Bruschetta



Coconut Shrimp

served with sweet chili sauce 



Pulled Beef Sliders

pulled beef/horseradish aioli/crispy onions/pickled jalapeno's/gruyere cheese/topped with house made stout gravy  $16.00


tortilla chips/diced tomato/red onion/garlic/hot peppers/mixed cheese

served with guacamole and sour cream

$17.00 (add chicken $5)


Oven baked wings tossed in house made BBQ sauce 


Mac Cheese

Classic - served with garlic toast  $13.00

Buffalo Chicken – served with garlic toast  $16.00

Italian Flatbread

 prosciutto/hot Genoa/mozzarella/honey drizzle/Cajun granola


Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

house made buffalo sauce/chicken/onions/mixed cheese


Vegetarian  Flatbread

garlic butter/mozzarella/feta/mushroom/onion/tomato/             

drizzled with balsamic drizzle 


Charcuterie Boxes

Meat board

Cheese board

Split board

(Meat and Cheese)



Peter's Famous Pecan Pie